We begin the Autumn/Winter 2016 Season at a Birthday Party with Stuart Weitzman & his sales team

Whether we’re dealing with fashion, politics or the arts, we come across the good, the bad and darn right ugly. The fashion industry is no different. You have the handful of innovators, artisans and geniuses heading the trail and not far behind them, the inspired as well as the hangers-on, the plagiarists and mass producers with their armies of cheap labour making average and poor quality copies of what is in essence a work of art and labour of love.

The shoe industry is no exception to the rule and you have the creators, pioneers and geniuses. We have the likes of Stuart Weitzman and Brunate, rising up from the ruins of post-war Europe in the early 20th century to create footwear that goes from being functional to an object of beauty, fashion and comfort. The designer shoe industry owes much to innovators and pioneers and at Crispins Shoes we’re proud to be offering women’s plus size shoes that has heritage and integrity.

Talking of heritage and integrity, earlier this month, we met the legend behind Stuart Weitzman in Milan. That’s right it was Stuart Weitzman himself! It was the birthday party for Barbara, the head of Stuart Weitzman sales team. Mr. Weitzman had a rather deep tan. When I asked him about the tan, he said he loves the weather in Alicante in Spain where his factory is and that he personally overseas production at the factory in Spain every season and that explains the tan.

Sep 2016 - Stuart Weitzman and his sales team at the birthday party of Barbara Kreger (centre) in Milan

Stuart helped us pick some beautiful pieces of plus size footwear for our spring/summer 2017. Yes I did say 2017. With designer shoes business, it’s all about early preparation.

On a slightly less exotic note, we will be re-designing our London store in October. The work is expected to take a few weeks but we will be open during the work.


There will be life and business after Brexit!!

Well I guess, at Crispins Shoes we were unpleasantly surprised when Britain voted to leave the EU. Amongst other things, there were many questions such as what now? How would Brexit affect our life in the UK and of course how would it effect business and in particular, our sector, ladies plus size shoes?

The immediate aftermath of exiting the EU didn’t look great. For one thing the value of pound dropped to levels not seen since early 80s which meant less purchasing power for importers. Secondly the possibility of tariffs on imports from the European Union would also not be a happy prospect for businesses and especially those that import goods from Europe.
Having said all of the above, we know that the show must go on and we always live in hope for a better future with exciting possibilities. Despite all our reservations, there will be life after Brexit and as far as we're concerned, there will always be extra tall ladies with a great taste for high-end high-quality plus size shoes, and we're going to continue to supply the very best ladies plus size shoes. Also on the up-side, the lower value of sterling has made it less costly for our overseas customers to purchase goods. You could say, if you’re living outside of the UK, your money will stretch further and you’ll get more plus size shoes for your money than ever before!
Another exciting prospect in the long term is that if the value of pound stays relatively low, it could encourage the manufacture of British made goods which may lead to more exports of British goods. So you never know, in time we may even be stocking British made plus size shoes at Crispins Shoes. Now that would be exciting. This will probably not happen in the short-term but then again Rome wasn’t built in a day!
So there you have it. It appears that the initial anxiety and sadness brought about by Brexit is gradually giving way to hope and determination to make business work regardless. So at Crispins Shoes, we’ll continue to do what we do best and that is to bring our customers the very best of European made women’s plus size shoes.

An update on our Spring/Summer 2016 collection of ladies large size shoes

Spring season has started and we're well and truly stocked up. Orders are coming in thick and fast. Early indications are steady demand for vibrant spring colours but we've also noticed a new trend for women’s plus size shoes with black and white patterns and Espadrilles are also on the up. Amongst products that are doing particularly well, we could mention TP Triton, TP Calafell and TP Lanes.

We thought we start the season on light-hearted note, so when our catalogue for spring/summer 2016 was published and we were stocked up, we thought we introduce our customers to a glimpse of the shop floor and our team.  

Here’s a recent video of our ladies plus size shoe store in Chiltern Street. You can see our wide range of plus size shoes on display as well as our happy team working to serve our customers on the shop floor.

We now stock women’s size 12 shoes

As far as size is concerned, this season, our ladies large shoes are even larger as we’ve started stocking women’s size 12 shoes for some of our collections. Our size 12 shoes include products such as JG Bigbang, MDF Coco, MDF Pumpking as well as JG Fullfringe and more. We’re to cover as many of plus sizes as we can as believe no woman should be deprived of owning high quality, high fashion designer shoes just because they wear larger sizes.

Continued commitment to quality

At Crispins Shoes we have a no compromise on quality policy. Our range of women's plus size shoes are made by craftsmen across Europe. Our shoes are timeless classics designed and made by the likes of Stuart Weitzman, Thierry Rabotin, Toni Pons, Peter Kaiser, Brunate, Pas De Rouge and other designer brands.



Spring/Summer 2016 – the most exciting season for our collection of ladies large shoes

Spring/summer cathalogue

2015 proved to be an amazing year for Crispins Shoes. Our final clearance of ladies large shoes was an instant hit. So much so that the van collecting the last of our products on sale for delivery was almost full.

So what’s coming this year I hear you ask! Well if you’re interested in high fashion, high quality, high-end women’s plus size shoes, we have an exciting year ahead of us.

Spring 2016 is upon us and the keyword for the upcoming season is “more”. More products, more colours and a new catalogue with 72 pages which means many more products than the previous season. We’ll be stocking our products for the new season at our London store in the second week of February and we’re hoping to have all the stock ready and on display by the end of February 2016. We’ve already freed up extra space in our stock rooms for more shoes to cater for the new stock.

In the past few months we’ve had a steady demand for extra-large size shoes and there’s good news. In the upcoming spring/summer 2016 collection, we have a selection of our women’s shoes in sizes 45.5 and 46 EU, or 11.5 to 12 UK. This means more choice for clients in need of larger size shoes.

As for the next season, our purchasing tour of Europe for the summer/autumn 2016 collection will be starting in 2 weeks’ time. As always we’ll be looking for the very best ladies plus size shoes for the next season.

At the end, a big welcome to Nikol who joined our sales team at the London store earlier in January 2016. Welcome aboard Nikol.

Women’s Shoe Size is getting Bigger!

Women’s Shoe Size is getting Bigger

Average female shoes size in the last few decades:

  • Beginning of 20th century: UK Size 3.5
  • 1940’s-1960’s: UK Size 4
  • 1970’s: UK Size 5
  • Now: UK Size 6.5

75% of women with large feet often find their size is not available in store.

In 2009, sales for ladies' size 9s increased by 23 per cent, while sales of size sixes rose by 1%

Michael Paynton, British Chiropody and Podiatry Association chairman, said that in his 42 years of practice he’s seen a dramatic change in size of people’s feet. He states that a few decades ago, it would’ve been rare for women to find a size 6 shoe but now it’s the norm.

Negative feelings experienced by women when they cannot find the shoes of their size:

  • Frustration - 72%
  • Despair - 29%
  • Embarrassment - 27%
  • Insecurity - 22.5%

Women subsequently buy smaller shoe sizes out of embarrassment, which can result in foot pain and injuries.

There are a number of celebrity women with plus size feet including:

  • Miranda Hart: UK Size 8
  • Kate Winslet: UK Size 8.5

Crispins Shoes - Ladies Large & Plus Size Shoes Store

It can be disheartening when your feet don’t conform to the regular range of sizes that high-end stores have to offer. Many women with plus size feet must wonder if they will ever be able to find and wear high end, high fashion shoes in larger sizes.

At Crispins Shoes, we believe that women should not have to wear dreary footwear because of the size of their feet. We offer ladies plus size shoes that not only made in large sizes but are second to none in craftsmanship, fashion and most importantly, quality.

Let’s face it. It’s hard if not impossible to find ladies large shoes that reach size 11 in your average high street shoe store. More often than not, if you do come across plus size shoes, they tend to be cheap, lower quality imports. What we offer at Crispins Shoes is quite different. Our wide range of plus size shoes ranging from UK sizes 7.5 all the way to 11 are made for the more discerning ladies who appreciate the finer things in life. Our collection of women’s shoes, boots and sandals are designed, crafted by the most exclusive factories and workshops in Italy, Spain, Austria and Germany. We also stock brands such as Stuart Weitzman that offer high fashion shoes in large sizes for our customers.

Whether you are a size 9 or a size 11, as long as you’re seeking higher quality shoes, you’re likely to fall in love with one or more pairs of our collection of ladies large size shoes.

So what type of shoes do we stock I hear you ask? Well ….. we have shoes for every day and every occasion. Our collection includes:

  • Fashion Shoes
  • Courts
  • Casual
  • Pumps
  • Ankle Boots
  • Long Boots
  • Evening Shoes
  • Occasion Shoes
  • Sandal

It’s official. No longer do you have compromise luxury and comfort just because you’re tall, beautiful and have larger feet. Take a look at our website, download our catalogue and browse through our wide range of high quality, high fashion designer plus size shoes. Alternatively if you’re out and about in London, why not visit our store in Marylebone? You can see for yourself the look, feel and most importantly the quality of our designer ladies large shoes.