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Jean-Baptiste Martin Père (father) did not expect to be the face and name of this famous brand when in 1921 he made shoes with flexible soles for his children in the attic of his Fougères in Ile et Vilaine home!

The next innovation came in 1926, when the company started producing the Louis XV model which was manufactured in a similar way to court shoes we know today. With this design, the sole of the shoe was fixed to the front of the hill and goes all the way to the front of the shoe.

After constructing a new factory in 1935, the company became a major player in the market by supplying 1000 pairs of shoes / day. In 1953, Jean-Baptiste Martin took over the company and by 1960 the company had presence in 13 major cities in 5 continents. By 1969, the company had 1200 employees and manufactured 4000 pairs of shoes per day.

The company launched the more casual “Matin d'Ete” in 1992 and “Sans Interdit”, with the younger, more contemporary population in mind in 2002.

The brand is now truly global and currently has its own stores, franchises in department stores. It has a well-established internet presence and over 600 retail outlets. Every year, over 500,000 pairs of shoes are sold by JB Martin in 5 continents.