Stuart Weitzman is an American designer and the owner of the internationally acclaimed Stuart Weitzman shoe company.

Stuart Weitzman was born in 1941 into a shoe-making family. His father Seymour was the founder and chief executive of Seymour Shoes and the Mr. Seymour brand from the 1950s through the mid-1960s. Weitzman never intended to enter the family business but after his father died in 1965, Stuart and his brother Warren took over the business.

In 1972 the two brothers sold their interests to a manufacturing company in Spain. Although Stuart Weitzman was no longer the owner, he continued to design their shoes until he repurchased the company in 1994.Today, Stuart Weitzman continues to create hundreds of new shoe designs every year. Stuart Weitzman sandals are produced with a strong commitment to quality and design. The Stuart Weitzman brand is internationally recognized for its quality, impeccable craftsmanship, innovative materials, and high-fashion designs. Stuart Weitzman is known for his pioneering use of alternative materials and design elements, such as glass, Lucite, wallpaper, and clear vinyl. Stuart Weitzman has also created unforgettable shoes from traditional and natural materials, such as leather, cork, and jute.